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We have clear reasons to stand in this market, starting by setting a good communication with our customers, guide them accordingly and respond on time any concern raised; plan the business and set the goals, design and develop strategic actions to achieve the goals, analyse possible problems and propose the solutions, organise and develop the business entrusted to us. This is what we are focused on, using local and global knowledge to bring incredible outcomes and keep the business of our customers flourishing and also feel themselves well represented by us.
  • Mission

    Our mission is to accomplish with the demands raised by our customers and help to study and understand the market trends in order to anticipate solutions before any issues arise to  affect the business negatively.

  • Vision

    Our vision is to bring unquestionable results and become a world brand in providing optimal business solutions so that all entrepreneurs can be motivated to start or develop a business and safely trust in our good services.

  • Values

    High quality of service, Customer proximity, Transparency, Responsibility, Ethic, Respect, Integrity, Commitment and Spirit of teamwork.

  • Target

    Meet the expectations of our customers and empower the business entrusted to us.

Samm Business Services is a private and independent Mozambican owned company based in Maputo and specialised in Consulting and Management of businesses; with focus on Fuel Business (Oil & Gas) , bulk dry goods including chrome, coal, cereals , fertilizer and also containerised goods.
Our company is composed of a highly qualified Personnel with large experience into business market and has a dedicated and experienced operations crews to coordinate and witness the loading/offloading operations at Terminals, conduct an independent inspection prior and after loading on behalf of the customer, collect and report the facts on ground and also ensure that all the requirements from the customer are successfully accomplished.
Samm Business Services provide the logistics of Rail & Road transport across the SADC region with respective customs clearing service  through his local and international business partners with whom work closely to respond the needs of his customers.
For sure, we are committed to a better service, growth and development of customer’s business and proudly appointed to guide successfully a huge number of business entrepreuners and also given trust to manage businesses.
Due to our mission and vision, we have expansion plans throughout Mozambique where business flows and where we find to be strategic points such as BeiraNacalaPembaManica & Quelimane. Thus, If you are looking for a reliable service, do business with us

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Company details:

Registered Address:Bairro Boquisso – B, N° 90, 1st floor, Matola – Mozambique


Mobile:    +258 867998357

Landline: +258 20033604

Fax:          +258 21048556 

Administrative Manager

Danilo Matessane


Mobile: +258 841375576

Commercial Manager

Ernesto Mondlane


Mobile: (+258) 84 445 5902

Business Development Manager

Silvestre Macanze


Mobile: +258 82 619 6060

Operations Manager

Simião Chilundzo


Mobile: +258 844263777